Business strategy

Industrial diversification

Al Faisal Holding’s strength lies in the diversification of its business lines and revenue streams. The various developed industry sectors that Al Faisal operates in, have allowed the Company to develop a balanced, diversified, investment profile.

Market leadership

Over many years, Al Faisal has come to be recognised as a true market leader. One of Al Faisal’s core operating principles is to develop new businesses that have the same status as the existing and established operations.

New business and revenue stream development

Al Faisal Holding constantly seeks opportunities to expand our existing businesses, to start new ventures in strategically important sectors, and seek acquisition opportunities where real value propositions exist.

Quality of service

Al Faisal Holding believes that providing the highest quality of services enhances the bond of trust between the Company and its clients. Al Faisal has many long successful client relationships, developed over many years, through the constant delivery of the highest levels of service.

Operational efficiency

Al Faisal seeks to proactively manage the costs of its operations through active and accurate assessments of its operational efficiency. The Company will continue to focus on further improving its internal processes, and will continue to implement modern concepts of human resource management, focusing on the recruitment, training and retention of highly skilled employees.