Founded in 1985 as a provider of industrial services with international representation and agencies, lntergroup initially focused on the oil & gas industries but over the last decade, rapid development in the country has called for an enormous expansion in the industrial services sector. 

In affirmation of its commitment to the growth and development of Qatar’s economy, Intergroup kept widening the scope of its services, entering international partnerships and implementing large scale industrial joint ventures in addition to the formation of other associate companies.

Today, lntergroup’s operations cover a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, including north gas field, oil exploration, petrochemicals, quality assurance and third party inspection, geotechnical survey and soil testing, shipping, mechanical engineering, manufacturing of PE and PVC pipes, as well as aluminum extrusion and fabrication. Intergroup is also a major wholesaler and distributor of decorative, marine and industrial paints, a leading retailer in fashion and a provider of courier services, turning itself into one of Qatar’s leading diversified industrial services organisations.