International Financial Securities

International Financial Securities Company (IFSC) is a Qatari-based company established in 1998. IFSC provide its local and international clients with brokerage and trading services easily through phone, fax and internet trading that guarantee the best service introduced to clients.

Always striving to improve its services, IFSC has implemented a trading/back office system (OMS), allowing clients to submit their selling and buying orders using an internet based trading platform so they can follow up with their portfolio no matter where they are.

IFSC seeks to build communication channels with other brokers in the Gulf area and other Arab countries to help clients execute their orders in the GCC and other Arab stock markets.

After the recent passage of law by Qatar Financial Markets Authority, the regulating body of QE, allowing brokerage firms to participate in fund managing, IFSC is undergoing a study on managing client’s funds and performing market research to allow its current and future clients benefit from its expertise and professional services.